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Instant notifications, OTP, Payment Alerts, Updates, coupons etc. Delivered within 2 seconds!

Features and Benefits

  • Incredible open rates compared to email, at nearly 90% within 3 minutes.

  • Two-way SMS. Send and receive SMS using longcode or shortcode numbers.

  • Personalized Sender ID. Customise your SMS messages to keep your brand distinct.

  • We support Flash and Unicode SMS, including language & symbol scripts.

Transactional SMS - Use Cases

Our Enterprise SMS API gives you the power to reach your customers where they are and when you want. High-performance enterprise SMS technology with both Shortcode and Longcode capabilities.

Speak to your customers anywhere in the world

Add a layer of extra security to your two-factor signup and password recovery processes by sending unique codes via SMS.
Customer Engagement
Deliver timely notifications to users while offering the ability for SMS real-time response. Keeping your customers engaged via text drives satisfaction and minimizes lost revenue.
Effective Mobile marketing
You can easily combine bulk text messaging with your existing email marketing. SMS is amazingly effective for customer retention.
Payment Notifications
Send important financial and transaction notifications to customers. Prevent fraud and increase confidence in your service.
Real-Time Support
Support your users on the go. Allow customers to create and respond to support tickets via Longcode SMS for faster, more efficient issue resolution.
Discount Coupons or Vouchers
Send valuable Discount Coupons, Vouchers and Offers to your customers, which can be redeemed in-store, or online.

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