Veritas Glanvills Pensions

Making your dreams come true

Veritas Glanvills Pensions Limited is a Pensions Fund Administrator that manages Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA) of individuals/organizations across both the public and private sector in Nigeria. VG Pensions operates from six (6) regional offices in Abuja, Asaba, Ibadan, Kano, Lagos, and Port Harcourt and several branch/zonal offices spread across the country.
The Pensions Fund Administrator (PFA) needed to make life easier for their customers by providing some of their services over USSD. Users should be able to open and manage their Retirement Savings Account via USSD.

On any mobile device, with or without internet, the PFA wanted customers to be able to interact with their business application. This would broaden the reach of their products and improve their business through ease of access to services.
Our direct connection to all the mobile carriers in Nigeria and robust API to connect their business application to the carrier’s gateway positioned us as the exact solutions provider for VG Pensions.

First, we helped them acquire a shortcode approval from the Nigerian Communications Commission. This allowed them the use of the short code - 1300. HollaTags proposed their USSD service to the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and facilitated the connection of their USSD application to the carriers infrastructure through our gateway.

This connection and integration would have been a rather difficult one, if not for the depth of our technical expertise, knowledge of the telecommunications industry, and insights into the modus operandi of each MNO.

VG Pensions now have a USSD application to serve their customers, available on all the four major telcos in Nigeria. A wider range of people can now open and manage their Retirement Savings Account with VG Pensions via USSD.