VFD Microfinance Bank

A fully digital bank

VFD Microfinance Bank provides a number of fast consumer loans to professionals all over Nigeria. Their loan product catalog includes sale, lease and buy back, bridge finance, retail Asset finance and corporate cash advance.
The microfinance bank wanted to be able to interact with their customers regardless of the kind of mobile device and save them the stress of visiting the bank for transactions that can be easily completed through the USSD channel.

This would require them to acquire a short code and connect to all the mobile network operators. USSD will allow anyone using any kind of mobile device on a simple GSM network complete transactions and this was exactly what they needed.
HollaTags has direct connection to all the mobile carriers in Nigeria and a robust API to connect any business applications to the carrier’s gateway.

  • We helped VFD Microfinance Bank acquire a shortcode approval from the Nigerian Communications Commission.
  • HollaTags proposed VFD Microfinance Bank’s USSD service to the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and facilitated the connection of their USSD application to the MNOs through our gateway.
With the different requirements and rudiments of connecting to each MNO, launching a USSD application that works on all the MNOs in Nigeria can be an uphill task. For HollaTags, this is not the case. We leveraged out technical expertise and deep knowledge of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria to facilitate VFD Microfinance Bank’s USSD connection and integration.

A smooth running USSD application that allows customers of the bank complete transactions like checking balance, requesting cheque books, fund transfer, bill payments, loan applications and checking loan balance.