Banking made simple and beautiful

Financial services and mobile technology have become inseparable and financial service providers keep looking for ways to improve their services. OsusuMobile is a financial service built in partnership with Ecobank Nigeria. It was developed to help push financial inclusion for the unbanked and underbanked by making basic banking services accessible to them. They approached us at HollaTags for a USSD channel implementation for their mobile banking services.
OsusuMobile wanted to give their customers constant access to banking services via mobile devices. They needed USSD or SMS enabled mobile platform through which customers would be able to check their account balances, deposit or withdraw money easily. The nature of the services offered by OsusuMobile meant that sensitive information such as customer account details would constantly be transmitted through their platform. They needed to make sure that this information would be easily authenticated and protected so that financial transactions could be carried out safely and effectively. OsusuMobile also had to verify information received from their customers. They needed to authenticate customer information upon registration, link this information with the customer's banking details, and verify it while abiding by basic financial regulations. In order to perform these functions, they decided to use OTP on their mobile banking portal to secure online payment, ensure authentication, verification, and security of customer details.

Mobile Banking We provided Osusumobile with direct integration with the mobile networks to developed their USSD mobile banking, ensuring the seamless provision of mobile banking services and giving customers the ability to make deposits, check their account balance and withdraw money. We also fitted the platform with USSD and SMS services, in addition to the mobile web service, so that users would always have access to their mobile banking services, even on non-internet enabled devices.

Unlimited Access We helped Osusu Mobile in providing their users with 24/7 access to mobile banking services via USSD. This access is unlimited as there's no limit to the number of deposits, transfers, and withdrawals that users can make and they are also able to make unlimited small deposits whenever they want.

Security We were able to solve Osusu Mobile's problem of securing payment information and verifying customer details. With the click of a button, users of the mobile banking platform perform multi-factor authentication, and a code is delivered to the user via SMS, which is available to all networks across Nigeria. .

OsusuMobile has had an average of 99.9% successful user registration via the USSD mobile gateway. We have used the OTP to ensure successful payment and authentication of transactions on users' mobile devices. We have also provided the users of Osusu Mobile with daily unlimited access to their mobile banking services.