Business status notification

MY STATUS is a Value Added Service (in partnership with Greystone Partners) that allows users to display unique messages to their callers on the Glo network in real-time. For example, a business can advertise using MY STATUS- people who call their number see unique pop-up messages within the first few seconds of initiating the call. However, the service had a few problems that affected its performance.
  • Smart automation is an important feature for real-time applications to work properly and efficiently. MY STATUS needed the service’s supporting application automated to improve usage rate and conversions.
  • The application also needed to be more flexible, to allow editing and other changes to user profiles.
These would help the service improve user experience, bring new users on board and encourage subscription renewal. Greystone Partners brought in HollaTags and we turned the story around by redeveloping the application that supports the MY STATUS service.
We understand that serving a large audience requires real-time response and interaction powered by automation. We rebuilt the application and deployed flash messages to ensure instant response and interaction.

We further implemented a fresh USSD menu on the service for Call to Action so that callers can take an action when they see the pop-up. It now goes beyond just seeing a pop-up message, the caller can take some action like ‘press 1’ to receive notifications...

Our software engineers also added flexibility by making the supporting application more user-friendly. Subscribers to MY STATUS service can now make necessary changes whenever they like and their changes are effected within seconds.

Our redevelopment of the application supporting MY STATUS ensured overall smooth delivery of the flash messages and improved user experience for both the caller who is the end user and the subscriber who is paying to send pop-up (flash) messages to their customers. Usage of the service increased by over 500% and in turn boosted revenue for Greystone Partners from this Value-Added Service.