Emergency response companion

EMRO is a platform that provides subscribers with quick emergency medical and armed response services. They have strategically positioned ambulances and armed response vehicles around Lagos to ensure a quick response. They also provide other Value-added Services including danger zone notifications and safety tips. EMRO needed to tap into the potential of mobile that HollaTags offers, to help businesses scale by improving user experience and widening market reach among other things.
Security is a serious challenge when operating digitally. EMRO needed to implement a seamless two factor authentication process to boost security for their payment gateway. The platform also needed to expand its user base and reach people who do not have access to internet or do not have smartphones. EMRO voice call system needed to be reworked so that all calls from different channels can be routed automatically to the call center.
  • We hitched EMRO to our instant message platform, ensuring that their users get One Time Password (OTP) via instant SMS that delivered to all mobile devices and networks in Nigeria. This adds a layer of security to their system, allowing users make safe payments without fear.
  • We developed a USSD application, connected to all the mobile network carriers, to give unlimited access to users with any kind of mobile phone. USSD does not need internet to work so our solution made sure that everyone can access the service.
  • We also reworked their VOICE call system to ensure smooth re-routing of calls from any network or route to the call center, this enhanced service delivery and eliminated chances of preventable disasters that may result from an inefficient call system.

Over time, there has been stress-free and successful payments on the EMRO app, with our easy generation and delivery of OTP for payment and details confirmation via SMS. Also, all users now have access to EMRO’s services, regardless of their mobile network or device via USSD. VOICE calls are also seamlessly routed to the call center and this has improved service delivery and user experience. HollaTags delivered on all their expectations.