Smart way to pay

9pay is mobile payment solution that allows subscribers pay for apps and digital services. Subscribers can also use their 9pay accounts to pay for an exciting array of services online like lottery, collect change digitally and pay for web services.
9Pay needed users to be able to make payments and transfer cash on their platform through USSD across mobile networks using the same 3-digit shortcode. They also wanted to implement easy sign up with just the new user’s phone number and a 4-digit PIN, including verification and authentication of the information provided by the user. The usual problem of information security was another challenge. 9Pay needed the creation of OTP on the web portal to secure online payment and ensure authentication and secure customer details.
We implemented USSD and SMS intagrations for 9pay to power their payment services. With just the recipient’s phone number, users can make payments online from their cash pay account. Cash recipients no longer had restrictions. Both account holders and non-account holders on the platform can receive payment from 9Pay. We implemented security measures too. Wallets that are funded via the platform are secured, as customers are protected with industry-leading secure payment systems. 9Pay is PCI-DSS compliant. By implementing USSD for users on the 9Mobile network, they now have unlimited access to the service. Getting paid and making payments can be done simply via the short code *500#.

As is our usual tradition of ensuring customer satisfaction at HollaTags, we have been able to deliver a lasting and effective USSD and SMS solution for unlimited cash transfer via 9Pay. Users can now perform effective and efficient bill payments and online purchases; instant, easy and extensive transfer as well as receipt of funds.